Main advantages of products

Automatic amplitude compensation function

Intelligent segmentation of amplitude
The welding machine has the function of automatic amplitude compensation, which can automatically adjust the amplitude output to make the amplitude output more stable, improve the welding stability and maintain the consistency of welding quality.
It makes the welding process amplitude more fine and controllable. Intelligent amplitude segmentation can make the welding strength higher, the product surface shape change small, dust less, and the product is more perfect.
Unique automatic frequency tracking frequency modulation technology
The welding machine has the function of automatic frequency tracking and deviation correction, so that the output frequency of the generator is consistent with the frequency of the triple group every time, so as to ensure that each welding is in resonance state, thus protecting the generator from damage, and the welding machine works efficiently and stably.
Welding head life increased by 20%
More than 20% of the welding power and welding time of the welding machine will be less than that of the other welding technologies, so the welding time of the intelligent welding machine will be shorter than that of other welding technologies.
Digital display of welding effect
Each welding effect can be presented by data, and the welding process can be displayed in curve, so that the welding effect can be described with data. Each welding data can also be fed back to MES system to facilitate product quality traceability and reach industry 4.0 standard.
Auxiliary function of welding quality data monitoring
According to the actual welding result parameters, the upper and lower limits of reliable welding data reference parameters can be set to monitor the quality of each welding product. If the welding data does not meet the requirements, the welding machine system can alarm.
Product line
50K UHF precision
40K high frequency low power
MACAW Series
35K High frequency and low power
CAYENNE Series 25K medium power
VULCAN  Series
20K high power

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